Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fantasy Cisco League

Tonight I had an idea for a Fantasy Cisco League.

We set up a game revolving around passing Cisco Certified Exams.

We set up teams into divisions and conferences. We make up a schedule. We devise some method of scoring. And we play.

Add 2008 Cisco League World Champion to your resume. East Conference Champion. West Conference Champion. Have team and individual competition.

The first criterium is that the player has a blog. The game will be played in the blogosphere. We could have an official website for a centralized organization, but for each player to be a skilled blogger would be mandatory in my opinion.

The internet and blogging are the two most powerful world changing things that I have seen in my lifetime. An organization that would help all of its players. A place where we talk about the Cisco Certified job market. Who's hiring. Who's laying off. Who's hot, who's not.

How much are they paying? Who's got the money? Who's making the money? Who's going to be the next Cisco? The future of Routing and Switching. The pros and cons of the six career paths? Who has multiple CCIE's? Have a quadruple CCIE playing in the game with you.

Hard to put together every detail on a first rough draft but that's what I've got for now. I'll make a link to Cisco Fantasy League in my blogroll. Stay tuned for more.

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