Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have an EIGRP to BGP migration for 9 sites at 0800 hrs. I hope the web based deployment application is working. It wasn't working for me today and I had to try to hotcut an E1 circuit in Mexico City off a SONET controller card onto an E1 controller card. I'll have to take note here of all of the configuration commands I had to use.

So I had to try to move all of the configs over manually via the command line interface. I mistakenly configured the BGP neighbor under the global configuration and then also putting it under the address-family in the context of the vrf.

We got past the maintenance window and the customer was wanting to roll it back. Fortunately I was able to get Tier 3 on the line and the deployment tool was working for them, plus having the knowledge to quickly grasp the situation and make the appropriate manual configurations as well, so Tier 3 was able to save the day. Great job Tier 3! Thank you very much!

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