Saturday, September 26, 2009


By Eman

As you know I have been working hard to help locate better jobs for CCIEs and Network Engineers around the world. One of the things I have learned is how much becoming a CCIE can change one’s entire life. Economically, socially and personally CCIEs have that in common. But the problem has always been the cost of training and testing. I have been meeting with various trainers and training companies and I have been looking for those quality providers of training with affordable CCIE boot camps. I have begun providing CCIE Flyer exclusive rates for boot camps from $2500 with Micronics and Voice Boot Camp.

I was asked by Learning at Cisco folks to chat with some of the 360 Learning providers and so I began talking to NetMasterClass founder Bruce Caslow. I sat in on the morning session of one of his classes and I was impressed by him. Then I spoke with Global Knowledge and SkylineATS to organize boot camps in the UAE. I got them to agree to lowering the pricing for the CCIE boot camp under the 360 program for around $3,500! (about a 50% cut in price)

I had also been advertising to the Channel Partners new lower rates to help them afford CCIEs from my network for their openings. I decided to bundle the two efforts into this one announcement.

I hope you will post this to your blog so more folks will learn about both moves on behalf of CCIEs.

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