Saturday, December 5, 2009

Community Lab Reservartion #293

User megadeth357
Start Date 6 Dec 2009 *
Start Time 03:00 UTC *
Duration 4 hours

* All times are UTC. Make sure to account for your local time's offset or you'll miss your reservation.

Reserved Lab Devices
Block A
Device Console Port Username Password
F1 13 xxxxxx xxxxxx
R1 1 xxxxxx xxxxxx
R3 3 xxxxxx xxxxxx
R5 5 xxxxxx xxxxxx
S1 9 xxxxxx xxxxx
S3 11 xxxxxx xxxxxx

Accessing the Lab
The lab can be accessed via Telnet and/or SSH (the PuTTY SSH client is recommended for Windows users).

To access the lab, Telnet or SSH to xxxx.xxxx.xxxx on

port 20XX if using Telnet
port 30XX if using SSH
where XX is the console port number of the desired device (for example, 2002 or 3011).

Modifying Your Reservation
To make changes to your reservation, you must delete it and create a new one.

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