Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have a Cisco 2500 router and I can't get it to boot up. It was working fine and now all of a sudden it won't boot up. I saw it go in to rommon> mode and then I just rebooted it and now it gets stuck on boot up.

I tried to hit ctrl-break to get into rommon mode within 60 seconds of powering down and back on. It gets the > prompt but no response from any keys at that prompt.

Anybody have any ideas. I think the router is shot and is now hazerdous waste.

click to imbiggen.

I think this is the message that might have a clue in it.

%SYS-4-CONFIG_NEWER: Configurations from version 11.2 may not be correctly understood.

This is what it looks like if I don't hit ctrl-break to try to get in to rommon mode. It's gets this far but no farther. It gets stuck right here.

Also posted at PacketLife community lab forum here.

Update: Now it's working. Never mind.

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